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Weekly EchoProducer File 


From Bill's hospital bed: January 15, 2015

Not much new to report.  I had hoped to be home by now but my doctors say otherwise.  

The two ribs are healing nicely, but as long as I am here they want me to do a few weeks of cardio re-hab before they sign me clear, but I have no idea as to how long this will take.  (For those not aware I been a sufferer of Coronary Artery Disease since about 1983 and went through an out patient cardio rehab program back then.)  

For now, the full length ARNewsline newscast remains down.  am looking to find a volunteer with a background in Broadcast Journalism / Radio News Production and who can devote about a day a week to come aboard as a co-producer with me.  I can easily write stories and scripts from here, but doing the editing, post production, etc. would be all but impossible from this environment.

In the meantime, a compact (about 6 minute) audio/video version will continue to be produced by Don Wilbanks, AE5DW, and will be posted to several locations including our Facebook page, our website ( and included on the weekly show Ham Nation (

My sincere thanks to both Don and out Webmaster Kevin Trotman N5PRE, for keeping the various entities as up to date as possible with the latest breaking news and I can assure you that the full length newscast (both audio and text) will be back -- hopefully in the very near future.  

Also a big thank you to Todd Hitzeroth N6ZXJ who lent me this laptop when mine lost its had drive two days into this unexpected "forced vacation" and to Dave Booth, KC6WFS, who is repairing the machine with its clickety-clacking drive.

Last, but by no means least, my sincere thank you to all who have offer your prayers and e-mailed and/or called with your get well wishes.  All are very much appreciated.  

Keep an eye on the ARNewsline website and Facebook page for the latest updates.

Bill P. / WA6ITF


Amateur Radio Newsline Report as Seen on Ham Nation on January 14, 2015

Don Wilbank's report as seen on Ham Nation on January 14, 2015


Amateur Radio Newsline Report as seen on Ham Nation on January 7, 2015

Don Wilbank's Report on Ham Nation as seen on January 7, 2015



Hi All,

This is Bill direct from my hospitable bed here in Los Angeles. As some of you many already know, I was involved in a household accident and am now in the initial recovery phase.

I do not know how long I will be here but I suspect it will be another week or two. During that time it will be hard to produce the weekly Newsline bulletins but we will resume operations as soon as feasible. But for now its just rest, take my medicines and recover.

My thanks to all for your good wishes and a very Happy New Years 2015 to all. Ill try to post here as time nd health permits.  In the meantime you can find late ham radio news posted by our moderators on our Amateur Radio Newsline page on Facebook

Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF


Amateur Radio Newsline Report 1948 December 12 2014

  • Hams in the Philippines respond to yet another typhoon
  • Ham radio as a way to inform  fishing fleet of imminent danger
  • UK regulator Ofcom evaluating future of the 420 to 470 MHz band
  • 2½ minute video shows how the ISS was put together in orbit