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Joe Eisenberg - K0NEB

Roy Neal Mentoring Project Database Manager

Joe Eisenberg, K0NEB is a software/hardware/database specialist in the Lincoln, NE area. He is also one of the most sought after speakers on the topic of ham radio home construction and kit building with his seminars bringing standing room only crowds.

Callsign K0NEB

Kevin Trotman - N5PRE

Newsdesk, Website

Born and raised in Texas (explaining the callsign), Kevin is currently living in Aiken, SCUSA

Callsign History:

Oct. 10, 1989 - KB5KSZ - Novice
July 3, 1990 - N5PRE - Tech Plus
Jan. 10, 2009 - N5PRE - General
March 21, 2009 - N5PRE - Extra

Occasionally works 2m or 440 in the Aiken area. Still active in SWL and listening to commercial stations on Internet. Kevin also enjoys listening to HF and SW on an Icom PCR-1000 hooked up to his MacBook Pro.  As a lot of hams nowdays, he's saving for a decent HF rig.

Since sometime in 2009, Kevin has been posting the weekly Amateur Radio NewslineTM newscasts as a podcast available on iTunes (see any page on this site for a link).  In February, 2012, Kevin was instrumental in assisting a move from the old Amateur Radio NewslineTM website to a new one hosted by a different provider.  He continues to assist with web related content and postings each week.

Kevin has a talant and passion for photography.  You can find some of his better work here:

Other web presences for Kevin are...


Callsign: N5PRE



Mark Abramowicz - NT3V

Secretary, Chair of YHOTY Committee

Known professionally as Mark Abrams, NT3V is a versatile part of the KYW Newsradio family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania serving as a reporter, anchor and editor. A graduate of Kutztown State College, he got his start in the industry in the mid-1970s as a talk-show producer, later serving as a reporter, news anchor, and news director for the former WHUM in Reading, Pa. He was lured to the print side of the media business in 1981, working for nearly 18 years as a reporter, columnist and desk editor for the Reading Eagle and Reading Times newspapers. He covered a variety of beats and assignments including city and county government and politics, the police desk, transportation, public utilities and state regulatory agencies. Abrams is a Fellow of the Knight Center for Specialized Journalism at the University of Maryland, College Park, where he was selected to pursue studies in two important areas: (1) the nuclear industry and the impact of the Three Mile Island accident; and (2) the information superhighway. In addition, Abrams is an adjunct professor at Temple University where he teaches writing for mass media and broadcast news writing. Abrams has worked for a number of stations in Philadelphia including WPEN and WIP, serving as a weekend news anchor at both of those stations. He also appears as a reporter for Berks Community Television coverage of the Berks County primary and general elections on Comcast Cable. In the fall of 2000, Mark traveled to Rome for KYW Newsradio, where he provided extensive coverage of the pilgrimage for the canonization of Philadelphia's St. Katharine Drexel.

Callsign NT3V


Paul Courson - WA3VJB


Paul Courson, WA3VJB has been licensed and on the air since 1971 with now-classic rigs that include a Collins 32V2 seen here in a vintage field day event organized by the nostalgic ham specialty magazine Electric Radio. Paul is a broadcast network TV and radio journalist covering events from Washington, DC, and boosts Newsline's coverage of FCC and other regulatory issues in the Nation's Capital.

Callsign WA3VJB

Robert Sudock - WB6FDF 

Anchor Desk

Los Angeles-based Robert Sudock, WB6FDF, has been sharing the anchor desk at the Amateur Radio Newsline since June, 1983. But the relationship with Newsline's founder, executive editor and producer Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF existed for nearly ten years before that. Pasternak, then WA2HVK, had recently moved west and was one of newly-licensed Sudock's first QSOs. The friendship of three decades endures.

From 1974 to 1976 Sudock edited and reported the MWRA News. This QST aired weekly as a service of the Mt. Wilson Repeater Association's VHF repeater. Mt. Wilson, at 5,700 feet, is the home of most of Los Angeles' television stations and the principal location for many of L.A.'s FM transmitters. The site provided wonderfully broad coverage to most of Southern California. MWRA News was heard from Santa Barbara on the north to San Diego and the Mexican border to the south.

"In those days, we relied on the Amateur Radio printed press for much of the hard news we included in our newscasts. Joe Schraeder's (W9JUV) "HR Report", Wayne Green's (W2NSD) "73 Hot Line" and, of course bulletins from the ARRL, were our major sources of information," Sudock said. "Unlike Newsline, MWRA News was a regional service, so we always included submissions of regional club activities."

"Newsline has taken the QST format to a professional level. In comparison, MWRA was downright primitive. Newsline strives to provide its listeners with the quality they expect from a broadcast network in both editorial and production terms. Newsline's reporters throughout the world regularly enterprise and submit completely produced packages. As you'll see on these pages, many of our reporters and anchors are broadcast professionals who are also Hams. Newsline also forged news exchange alliances with Amateur news services around the globe. I'm very excited about this as we now receive international material customized for Newsline," Sudock said.

As a result of this alliance Sudock was asked to co-substitute anchor the March 12, 2000 edition of "Q-News" from The Wireless Institute of Australia - Queensland Division while producer-anchor Graham Kemp, VK4BB, took a short vacation. "I guess I could best sum up my Ham activities not so much as 'in QSO with' but more as 'in QST,' Sudock concluded.

Sudock has been involved in the Los Angeles area broadcast and production industry since 1965. He has been heard both on-air on local FM stations and in voice overs for a number of industrial productions.   He was a member of the broadcast frequency coordination group formed by ABC, host broadcaster for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. Since 1988 continues to serve as a board member of the Southern California Frequency Coordinating Committee, Inc., the recognized Part 74 coordinator in metropolitan Los Angeles.  In 1983 Sudock joined KTTV Channel 11 in Los Angeles as an engineering manager. He retired from the company in 2009 as Assistant Director of Engineering.

Bob Heil (K9EID) began a Ham Radio-oriented webcast on It originates live each Tuesday evening at 8:00 p.m. Amateur Radio Newsline was asked to contribute.  Sudock writes, produces and hosts the five minute segment



Callsign WB6FDF


Timothy "Skeeter Nash" Goodrich - N5ASH

Anchor Desk, Reporter


"Today I Am a Ham"

That was the title of the little paperback book (written by Ethelyn M. Parkinson) I bought in one of my Scholastic Book orders in early-1973. I was 12 going on 13, and had been in love with radio--in all its forms--since I could remember. I was born in Fresno, California and grew up in the great San Joaquin Valley.



It took 37 years, but I finally got my Technician ticket (and original call sign KF5JCT) on 29 Nov. 2010. I applied for (and got) vanity call sign N5ASH on 8 Feb. 2011 (see below for the story behind "N5ASH"). Upgraded to General class at the Lawrence County (Arkansas) Amateur Radio Club's annual WinterFest in Hoxie, AR on 19 Feb. 2011!

As soon as I was licensed, I joined the Northeast Arkansas Radio Club, and with barely 2 months as a member under my belt, the members elected me to be President of the club for the 2011 year, and I was re-elected for 2012. I also became a member of RESPOND of Arkansas club, our local RACES group, and the ARRL. Due to relocating to Texas, I had to resign from office in the NEARC at the end of June, 2012. But the many friendships I made while a member will be treasured for the rest of my life!

I've been a broadcast radio personality for 30+ years, and beginning in September of 2003, worked under the "air name" Skeeter Nash (hence, the N5ASH vanity call!).From September 1, 2003 until June 21, 2012, I was the afternoon drive personality on Country-formatted KDXY-FM (104.9 The Fox), as well as voice-tracking the 7pm-midnight show on our Classic Hits sister station, KEGI-FM (100.5 The Eagle). I also became Program Director for KDXY-HD3 (True Oldies 92.7).


In September of 2014, I relocated to Kansas, and am working on the air in Morning Drive (weekdays 5:30 a.m.-10:00 a.m. Central time) on KTPK-FM Country Legends 106.9 in Topeka. I am also the station's Program Director. Due to a competing station owned by Cumulus Media in the market billing itself as "Nash," I have (reluctantly) dropped the "Nash" from my on-air moniker, and am therefore simply "Skeeter" to my listeners in northeast Kansas. At this time, however, I have no plans to change my vanity call sign from N5ASH!


My bride Geri (aka "Sweetie Nash") and I were married in Nashville, TN on 2 Feb. 2001. She has her Technician ticket, and her call sign is KF5KRN.


I've also been a performing musician (drums, vocals) for more than 30 years, and have dabbled some in songwriting as well. I've lived in Bakersfield, CA (where I worked at a radio station owned by the late, great Buck Owens), Nashville, TN (where I worked at WSIX-FM and WSM-AM, home of the Grand Ole Opry), before coming to Jonesboro, Arkansas where I lived for almost nine years.


I enjoy chatting with my fellow local hams on the local repeaters and simplex frequencies. I have also been exploring the world of HF since getting my General upgrade. I am working toward getting my WAS certificates on the Old Man International Sideband Society OMISS Net. I also enjoy checking into the Old Freewheelers Amateur Radio Transmitter Society (OFARTS) and the Tailgaters on 3.916 MHz.


Recently, I have been able to combine my love of amateur radio and my years of on-air experience on broadcast radio by contributing--as a reporter and occasional anchor--to the Amateur Radio Newsline reports. Check out this video I produced, showing how I put together a typical Newsline anchor audio track:

This video was featured in the November 6, 2013 episode of Ham Nation on


Todd Hitzeroth - N6ZXJ

YHOTY Committee - Alternate

Todd Hitzeroth N6ZXJ is a Broadcast Engineer with Fox Digital in Los Angeles. He is a past President of the Santa Carita Amateur Radio Club and involved in all aspects of the organizations activities.

Callsign N6ZXJ


Tuck Miller - NF9T


Tuck Miller, NZ6T, got into ham radio in August of 1991. Wasting little time, he became active with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), where he held both an Assistant DEC position, and then became the District Emergency Coordinator for San Diego’s Southern District. Tuck also accepted the positions of Affiliated Club Coordinator, Public Information Coordinator, and Official Observer Coordinator. In 1996, Tuck was appointed to the ARRL WRC99 committee, which proposed new, changes to the Amateur Radio Structure. He was asked to become Assistant Section Manager under the tenure of Pat Bunsold, WA6MHZ. He was the elected Section Manager in April 1998, and re-elected in April 2000. Tuck has been President of the Southbay Amateur Radio Society (SOBARS) since 1997, and also for the Amateur Radio Club of El Cajon for the years, 1996, 1997, and now for the year 2000. Tuck was a Danville, Illinois firefighter before coming to San Diego, where he is now a Train Operator for the San Diego Trolley. He gained a bit of broadcast experience, while serving aboard the USS John F. Kennedy, where he was a DJ for the ships radio station. Also included was a short stint with a Danville radio station as a new reporter. Tuck is married to Evelyn, N6EVE, has 2 daughters, and 2 grandsons. He also held Amateur calls KC6ZEC, K6ZEC,NZ6T, and W3TM. Enjoys Euchre.

Callsign NZ6T

Warren Elly - W1GUD


Warren Elly, W1GUD is a native of New York, NY and was first licensed in Stamford , Connecticut in 1966 as a novice, WN1GUD. A year later Warren became a general WA1GUD, a call sign he held as an advanced until 1999, when he obtained the vanity call W1GUD. In February of 2000, Warren upgraded to Extra. Operating for the last 18 years from Tampa, Florida, Warren's interests include weak signal VHF work, digital modes on HF, and CW DX on the low bands. Warren also collects vintage radios, and has a collection of Collins equipment. A member of one of the ARRL's oldest affiliated Amateur Radio Clubs, the Tampa Amateur Radio Club, Warren is a board member of T.A.R.C.. Active in scouting, Warren has staged ham radio demos and operating events at scout camps and schools for over a decade years Amateur Radio lead directly to Warren's profession, with the early days of hamming in the 60's steering him to a life long career in broadcast journalism. His 25 years in the business was only interrupted briefly in the mid 70's, when Warren worked as an editor at 73 Magazine, and then as Sales Manager for the old DenTron Radio in Ohio. After returning to broadcasting and making 11 moves in ten years, from New England to the MIdwest, Warren and his family settled in Tampa , Florida in 1982, where he is the senior reporter for Fox Owned WTVT-TV, the nation's highest rated Fox Station. Warren has reported from all over the U.S., South and Central America, Europe, and the Middle East, and has covered the U.S. Space program for 12 years. He has witnessed over 70 shuttle launches, and has worked scores of QSOs with shuttle and MIR operators. Married with three sons, Warren's oldest son Walter is KC4UCQ, a code technican.

Callsign W1GUD
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