Amateur Radio Newsline™ 2074 EXTRA

Hear Tony Hutchison (VK5ZAI) have  first contact with Aleksandr Serebrov, connecting the cosmonaut to schoolkids who had a barrage of questions for him. The contact also formed the basis for the long friendship the two men developed in the ensuing decades until Serebrov's death. All in this weeks' Amateur Radio Newsline™ 2074 EXTRA:

Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2050 EXTRA

Don interviews 13 year old Bryant Rascoll (KG5HVO), the 2017 winner of the Dave Kalter Youth DX Adventure Essay contest!


Bryant won the following:

  • Alinco DX SR8T
  • 50' of coax
  • Jetstream power supply
  • Jetstream JTV 680 vertical antenna.
  • Inclusion to a DXpedition in Costa Rica

    Here's a video of Bryant receiving his award:

National Radio Day - August 20th

Ever hear of "National Radio Day?" No you say. Don't feel bad as it seems that few people have as the article at the link below reveals even though its on August 20th of each year. 

So heres an idea: If the commercial broadcasters don't want to celebrate it, why not we hams make it a holiday of our own? Maybe make it like a one-day summer Field Day like operation but from a public location like a shopping mall, park, beach, etc.

Read the article and then e-mail your thoughts to us to newsline (at) arnewsline (dot) org or via the "CONTACT" page on this website. default.aspx?tabid=75&entryid=947


Ask yourself why personal electronic devices are discouraged from being used on commercial flights during takeoffs and landings. The answer is simple. In the USA, if the device has an FCC certification, under Part 15 it qualifies as an "unintentional radiator". And if it has Wi-Fi or mobile telephone capabilities, it becomes an "intentional radiator" This crerates the opportunity for spurious emissions. The emissions, spurious or not, are just milliwatts. Aircraft scatter elevates the possible concequences by directing signals with orders of magnitude more power directly at aircraft and its antennas.  Do the math and see the mixes and images that result.

And what sorts of RF equipment are commonly installed in the typical commercial aircraft?

September 3, 2013 - For more, click here.


(Courtesy of Robert Sudock, WB6FDF)