Mike Askins-KE5CXP



Mike Askins

Mike is a 2nd Generation HAM and has always been fascinated by radio, Amateur, CB, Short-Wave, Commercial Broadcast and more.

A Radio Announcer/Disk Jockey since 1976, Mike is also General Manager, Chief Operator, Program Director and Production Director for KGFF Radio in Shawnee, OK.

Mike is also an "Insider" on 'HSN's Monday Night Show with Adam Freeman' and has had roles in a few independent Film projects.

Mike was a Boy Scout leader for nearly 3 decades, as well as a Merit Badge Counselor, teaching many badges including the Radio and the Communications Merit Badges.
Mike and his wife of nearly 35 years have 3 grown sons as well as many furry babies of the feline and canine variety.

A cartoonist and graphic art designer, Mike also enjoys photography, playing the guitar and listening to a wide variety of music.  A Sci-Fi fan and a devotee of classic movies as well as classic radio and tv programs, like: Burns and Allen, Jack Benny, Fibber McGee and Molly, etc...

Mike is also a Master Mason and assists local charities and organizations, including the Salvation Army and the Boy Scouts of America.

Callsign: KE5CXP