YHOTY 2017
The 2017 Bill Pasternak Young Ham of the Year nominations will be accepted between March 1, 2017 and May 31, 2017.
The award presentation will be held at the Huntsville Hamfest on August 19, 2017. 

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A nominee must be 18 or younger and be a resident of the United States, its possessions or any Canadian province. Nominees must hold a valid Amateur service license issued by the United States FCC or Canadian telecommunications regulator. A candidate needs to have accomplished something outstanding as an Amateur Radio operator, whether by recruiting new hams, engaging in a community service project or helping benefit amateur radio in other ways. Whatever it is, we want to hear about it.

August 1, 2016


FROM: Mark Abramowicz, NT3V, YHOTY Chairman, Amateur Radio Newsline (newsline@arnewsline.org)

 Skyler Fennell KD0WHB is 2016 Young Ham of the Year


NEW YORK – Skyler Fennell KD0WHB, of Denver, CO, has been selected as the 2016 Young Ham of the Year by the Amateur Radio Newsline.

Skyler , 17, is the son of Karl and Carol Fennell, and recently graduated with honors from Denver School of the Arts.

Skyler was first licensed in July 2013 as a Technician and upgraded to General by September 2013. He took and passed his Extra class license exam in January 2014.

Skyler’s interest in basic electronics was sparked when he was in the fourth grade and continued into middle school and high school.

Among his early building projects were a laser spirograph, audio amplifiers, and high voltage transformer drivers.

A high school friend, Jordan Walters, KD0MLV, introduced Skyler to amateur radio when he was a freshman in high school , explaining how radio transmissions could bounce off layers of the atmosphere. That led Skyler to engage in a six-month period of study, testing and operating that resulted in his path to Extra.

Skyler’s interest in satellite communications resulted in a revival of Colorado Amateur Satellite Net where he became a net control operator and created a website for the net.

Skyler has extensive experience in designing and working on repeater systems and introduced an AllStar Link system for one of the Rocky Mountain Radio League’s repeaters.

He began working with the AB0BX STEM School Amateur Radio Club in nearby Littleton, CO and got involved in the group’s Edge of Space Sciences missions (balloon launches with amateur equipment). He became project manager for its 440Mhz repeater and helped put together an AllStar and EchoLink repeater for students, serving as a mentor for construction of the project.

Skyler started the Denver School of the Arts amateur radio club in August 2015 and was trustee of the club call – KE0FXH.

Skyler has chronicled several of his amateur radio and technical achievements on his YouTube channel – “Skyler F.”

He was also involved in proposing and assisting in the construction of a VHF/UHF repeater at a remote base site on Blue Mountain in the Denver area and added an AllStar link to the system.

This past May, Skyler spoke at the Youth Forum at the Dayton Hamventionon the topic: “Homebrewing on a Budget.” He also addressed the Quarter Century Wireless Association forum in Dayton about how his technical interests will help him further his educational and career goals.

Skyler is an Eagle Scout, a rank he achieved at the age of 13. He also combined his interest in cycling and amateur radio, assembling a bicycling mobile set-up with VHF and UHF radios.

He is also an accomplished pianist and earned the first-place trophy in the recent U.S. International Duo Piano competition in Colorado Springs this past February after performing a Poulenic piano sonata for four hands, two pianos.

Skyler will be recognized during the Huntsville Hamfest on Aug. 20 in the Von Braun Civic Center, Huntsville, AL.

The Young Ham of the Year award was inaugurated by William Pasternak, WA6ITF, in 1986. Upon his passing in 2015, Bill’s name was added to the award as a memorial to his commitment to recognizing the accomplishments of young people to the amateur radio service.

In addition to Amateur Radio Newsline, CQ Magazine and Yaseu USA are primary sponsors, along with Heil Sound Ltd. and Radiowavz Antenna Company.

Skyler will be receiving a gift of amateur radio gear from Yaseu and a complimentary week at Space Camp, Huntsville, provided by CQ.

Past recipients of the Young Ham of the Year award are:

Shawn Alan Wakefield, WK5P, of Bartlesville, OK (1986); David Rosenman, KA9PMK, of Muncie, IN(1987); Jonathan Binstock, NK3D, of Potomac, MD (1988);

 Erin McGinnis, KAOWTE, of Topeka, KS(1989); Mary Alestra, KB2IGG, of Staten Island, NY (1990); Richard S. “Sammy” Garrett, AAOCR, of St.Louis, MO (1991); Angela (Angie) Fischer, KBOHXY, also of St. Louis (1992); Kevin Boudreaux, N5XMH, of New Orleans, LA (1993); Allison Daneen Zettwoch, KD4CKP, of Louisville KY (1994); Adam Weyhaupt, N9MEZ, of Alton IL (1995).

Toby Metz, KB7UIM, of Boise ID (1996); Brian Mileshosky, N5ZGT, of Albuquerque NM (1997); Richard Paczkowski, Jr., KF4BIA, of Edgewater, FL (1998); Michelle Swann, KE4EZI, of Warner-Robins, GA (1999); Christopher Arthur, KT4XA, of Russelville, AL (2000); Patrick Clark, KC8BFD, of Elkwood, WV (2001); Josh Abramowicz, KB3GWY, of Reading, PA (2002); Jay Thompson, W6JAY, of Santa Ana, CA (2003); Andrea Hartlage, KB4IUM, of Grayson, GA (2004), Rebekah Dorff, WG4Y, of Hoover, AL (2005), Catherine Ferry, NC8F, of Streetville, OH. (2006).


 Grant Morine, W4GHM, of Wilmington, NC (2007), Emily Stewart, KC0PTL, of Leavenworth, KS. (2008), Andrew Koenig, KE5GDB of Houston, TX. (2009), Cody Anderson, KI4FUV, from Harriman, TN (2010),. Kaitlyn Cole, K3SP of Harvest, AL (2011), Erin King, AK4JG of Columbus, GA (2012), Padraig Lysandrou, KC9UUS of Bloomington, IN (2013), Anna Veal, W0ANT of Littleton, CO (2015).