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Kevin Trotman - N5PRE

Newsdesk, Website

Born and raised in Texas (explaining the callsign), Kevin is currently living in Aiken, SCUSA

Callsign History:

Oct. 10, 1989 - KB5KSZ - Novice
July 3, 1990 - N5PRE - Tech Plus
Jan. 10, 2009 - N5PRE - General
March 21, 2009 - N5PRE - Extra

Occasionally works 2m or 440 in the Aiken area. Still active in SWL and listening to commercial stations on Internet. Kevin also enjoys listening to HF and SW on an Icom PCR-1000 hooked up to his MacBook Pro.  As a lot of hams nowdays, he's saving for a decent HF rig.

Since sometime in 2009, Kevin has been posting the weekly Amateur Radio NewslineTM newscasts as a podcast available on iTunes (see any page on this site for a link).  In February, 2012, Kevin was instrumental in assisting a move from the old Amateur Radio NewslineTM website to a new one hosted by a different provider.  He continues to assist with web related content and postings each week.

Kevin has a talant and passion for photography.  You can find some of his better work here:

Other web presences for Kevin are...


Callsign: N5PRE