Fred Vobbe - W8HDU

Anchor Desk, Reporter

The DX Audio Service's Publisher and Editor is Fred Vobbe, W8HDU. Fred is a 25+ veteran in broadcasting, and has won numerous awards in the broadcasting and electronics field. He is the executive producer and editor for the DX Audio Service, and produces the DX Audio Service in the studios of Vobbe Communications. Vobbe Communications provides programming services to radio and television stations around the world. The company specializes in automated programming featuring adult contemporary and oldies programming. Fred's company also provides services such as voice mail, on telephone on hold programming, and corporate presentations. The original old studio in 1977 consisted of cart machines, reel to reel tape in 2-track and 4-track format, cassette formats. The new studio facilities are all digital, using computerized audio workstation editors, multitrack sound systems, digital networking, and studio interconnection devices. Fred is a Vice President and Chief Engineer for WLIO Television, an NBC television affiliate in Lima, Ohio. WLIO is the Number One most watched station in the United States. Be sure to visit their web page at WWW.WLIO.COM and check out Fred's Engineering Office. Fred is also an Assistant Director of the Allen County E.M.A. office, specializing in communications. In his radio career, he has enjoyed working with large multi-directional AM antenna arrays, like WLQV-1500 in Detroit, MI, which was nine towers with 50kW day, and twelve towers with 5kW night. Early in his career, he worked at WTUU in Toledo, which had a six tower array north of Toledo for daytime broadcasts, and six tower array south of Toledo for nighttime broadcasts. Fred also worked at WHND-560 / WMJC-94.7 in Detroit as an engineer. Before engineering, Fred worked in radio as an announcer at several medium market and large market stations in Eau Claire WI, Lapeer MI, Detroit MI, Toledo OH, San Diego CA, San Francisco CA., and with the William B. Tanner Company, which produced jingles, commercials, and production music for broadcast stations. Fred and Phil Wayne also collect Airchecks of radio stations, jingles, and popular Adult Contemporary and Oldies music. One of Fred's other hobbies is collecting music of Top Pop from the years 1954 to present. Fred is an active amateur radio operator, W8HDU, and trustee of the 443.625+, 145.370-, and 53.630- repeaters in Lima (pl-100), and operates on the HF bands in the CW mode. "I enjoy working on high power RF", said Fred, showing off an RCA BTA-1R3 which he rebuilt to new condition as a summer project. You can send E-Mail to Fred, regular mail to 706 Mackenzie Drive, Lima OH 45805-1835 USA

Callsign W8HDU