James Pastorfield - KB7TBT

ARNewsline's Facebook Page Administrator

James started his radio adventures at the age 5 when he got a set of GI Joe walkie-talkies for Christmas. By the time he was 12 the Citizen Band craze was in full swing and James was part of many CB activities.

He is well versed now in the ham radio world but not until serendipity struck him one day. His ham radio adventure started when he was in Phoenix AZ, as he was soaking up the sun by the pool with his small portable Television trying to find another football game to watch. What he stumbled upon instead was a group of guys working ATV (Amateur Television) and he was hooked. With a little research, James found out it was the Arizona Amateurs on Television Group. With their guidance and with Norm (WV7K) as his Elmer, James passed the Technician test in November of 1992 and obtained his Ham License in February of 1993… and the rest is history.

James has been a long time Sysop and a message board moderator for the old FIDO nets. In 2011 Bill Pasternak asked him to help with the ARNewline Facebook page. Admittedly he had his doubts, but time and time again Bill proved to be right about what would be successful. "I strive to keep it running like an oiled machine” says James. Bill had a set of guidelines and to this day James follows them to a “t”. The Facebook page is a bigger success than ever imagined and keeps growing every day. A large portion of that success is due to the members of the page themselves and James and the rest of the crew are all glad they are part of the ARNewsline family.


Callsign KB7TBT