Jim Hendershot - WA6VQP


Jim Hendershot, WA6VQP, has been involved in the radio & wireless industry for over 25 years. He is currently president of Radio Design Group, the RF and wireless design and consulting firm which he started several years ago. Jim has been involved in the design of several products in wireless communications, including cellular phones, pagers, and spread spectrum devices. His spread spectrum experience includes voice and data applications, using both frequency hopping and direct sequence systems. Inventions and patents by Mr. Hendershot include disguise antennas, wireless ranging methods, radio based assisted listening devices, and wireless freeway callbox systems. Among his major clients are Hewlett-Packard, Timex, Toshiba, Telefunken Microelectronics (Temic/Siliconix), Motorola, Computer Sciences Corporation, and Mitsubishi. Mr. Hendershot is a well-known figure in the RF and wireless industry, frequently speaking at seminars and conventions related to a variety of topics, including paging, cellular communications, wireless data, spread spectrum and others. Mr. Hendershot has been published several times in various journals, including Mobile Radio Technology, Communications Magazine, Personal Communciations Technology, QST, and other publications. He is an active amateur radio operator, as well as a member of the Radio Club of America and other professional organizations.

Callsign WA6VQP
E-Mail jimh@radiodesign.com