Jeremy Boot - G4NJH

RSGB News - UK

Jeremy Boot, G4NJH runs "The G4NJH Pages" in the UK, updated monthly at and various other interest pages too: Robert Burns, Guy Fawkes, St George and the Dragon and Wollaton Park (all from the same URL). He lives in Nottingham UK, which is in the E Midlands, 130 miles north of London. He writes articles on Internet and Amateur Radio for a UK Publication, Ham Radio Today. Every week the RSGB produces a News Bulletin for Radio Amateurs and Short Wave listeners. They are read live on Sundays (usually) by a team of readers throughout the UK on HF, VHF and above. The text is available on the RSGB Site. This service in Real Audio allows you to hear the news at any time and even to download the files for future use. Many countries including the US, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand as well as Europe and the UK take part or whole bulletins for retransmission on their own services. For the last 4 years he has been reading these bulletins in Real Audio which has made them more widely heard than before. There have even been extracts on HCJB from Ecuador! Feel free to re-broadcast outside the UK, but as a courtesy please email to let him know.

Callsign  G4NJH