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Born and raised in Texas (explaining the callsign), Kevin is currently living in Aiken, SCUSA

Callsign History:

Oct. 10, 1989 - KB5KSZ - Novice
July 3, 1990 - N5PRE - Tech Plus
Jan. 10, 2009 - N5PRE - General
March 21, 2009 - N5PRE - Extra

Although he probably didn't realize it, a Longview Texas (now silent key) operator, W5HDK, Ben F. Relf had a signifigant role in elmering me. I worked at a grocery store in Longview in the mid 1970's and Ben's wife shopped at the Brookshires store where I was a sacker. One day, I took her groceries out to her car and noticed the big antenna and ham radio license plate. She suggested I should come out to the lake house some time and visit her husband at his shack. I did.  Ben had an amazing QSL card collection and a very nice radio room. I was amazed at the contacts he had made with cards filling at least a few dozen card catalog file drawers. It made an impact. I eventually got with it and obtained my license over a decade later, but I will always remember Ben helping spark the interest.

Now, I occasionally work 2m or 440. Still active in SWL and listening to commercial stations on Internet. I also enjoy 40 meters using an ICOM IC-7300 with a 40m inverted V about 30 feet high in a pine tree.

Since sometime in 2009, I have been posting the weekly Amateur Radio NewslineTM newscasts as a podcast available on iTunes. In February, 2012, I was instrumental in assisting a move from the old Amateur Radio NewslineTM website to a new one hosted by a different provider. I continue to assist with web related content and postings each week. You can find Amateur Radio NewslineTM at

Some have said I have a talent and definitely have a passion for photography. You can find some of my better work

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Callsign: N5PRE