Graham Kemp - VK4BB

WIA News - Australia

Born at an early age, luckily his Parents knew his name straight away, and a very hygienic baby... sucked his thumb through a straw. The first known recording of Graham's voice exists hidden somewhere in his archives, recorded on his 2nd birthday on an 12 inch acetate disc .. a bit of a feat back in 1947. Radio.. both in front and behind the microphone has coursed through his veins all these years. Currently Program / Commercial Production Manager of the AM-FM 4TAB network he has worked as an announcer, manager, technician, in Brisbane commercial broadcasting since the early (very) 60's. Several years out in the mid 60's to partake in an all expenses paid trip to "the green". South Viet-Nam as a telecommunications technician with 101 Field Workshops and also commenced " Radio DJ Vietnam a low powered "un licensed" station relaying tapes sent over from commercial stations around Australia. A Past President of Brisbane Mid City Rotary Graham was awarded one of Rotary's highest honours, a Paul Harris Fellowship, some 3 years ago for his community work and the work in setting up the ROAR ( Rotarians of Amateur Radio) packet radio system which now links close on 100 active hams. He was also presented with the WIAQ Merit badge (#49) and Certificate at the 1998 Wireless Institute of Australia Queensland AGM for his work in setting up QNEWS. QNEWS being the audio and digital news service of the VK4 Division. Graham has 2 Adult Children is married to Sharon, and lives on a 5 acre "antenna farm" at Jimboomba... QG62me.

Callsign VK4BB