Clarification on EchoProducer File Location for Linking AR Newsline Audio to Repeaters

As per Don Wilbanks,

We've been experiencing challenges since Bill Pasternak's passing with our friends using EchoProducer to play the Newsline reports on their nets. We've experimented with different audio formats and other things trying to fix the issue. I had a long conversation with Kevin Duplantis, W4KEV in Knoxville, TN this morning. Kevin is a long time friend and broadcast engineer who runs Newsline via EchoProducer over his W4KEV linked repeater system that covers a huge area. We think the issues have stemmed from EchoProducer being pointed to the wrong directory on our Newsline website. If you are an EchoProducer we ask you to make sure that your system is pointed to the following URL ONLY: This should solve the issues as Kevin changed his system to that link and it worked perfectly. This has been a long, frustrating process so hopefully the issue has been put to bed permanently. Many thanks also to Kevin Trotman, our web guru. He's the one who posts the final audio files to our website for download and podcast use. Thank you! 73. Don, AE5DW.

NOTE: If there is any doubt as to where to find the location of the weekly mp3 file to be used for EchoProducer, there is a permanent link on the right side of the web page under the spinning globe that links to the correct file.